How to know when to meet after chatting to somebody online

Is there are certain criteria that has to be met in order to know when to meet after chatting online? The reality of the matter is that every couple is different and there are no two cases that are the same. Because when you meet someone online, we meet different people with different personalities. You might meet someone online and on the same day, you are madly in love and want to take things to the next level. On the other hand, someone else might meet someone and have reservations about meeting.

So when to meet after chatting online is entirely up to the two people chatting. However, here are some of the things to consider:

When to finally make the in-person meeting

1. When you feel you know them well enough

There are people we meet and we just click. These are the kind that the moment they start talking to you, you feel like you have known them for ages. You feel like if they were to propose in a week, you would say I do. If you meet someone who seems honest and their story keeps
checking out every time you chat, then don’t waste time. If the chemistry is right online, then it’s about that time…

2. When you feel safe in their online company

Should you leave the question about when to meet after chatting online to how safe you feel when chatting someone? I think yes. Has this person given any vibes to indicate that you will be unsafe with them? Have they asked for your personal details too soon? Have they come up
with some story then asked money from you? If no, then give them a chance. Just follow offline safety tips.

3. When you are confident that you have enough details about then

This can a bit tricky because everyone is trying to protect themselves when dating online. And one safety rule is: ‘Don’t reveal too much too soon!’. However, there are times when someone tells you they work somewhere. And when you call and ask to speak to them, they are there.
Just follow your gut.

4. When your heart feels it’s the right time, that’s when to meet after chatting online.

One thing I usually like to advise people is to go with their gut. If it doesn’t feel right, then it doesn’t. If it does, then why not. We can’t run away from chemistry, whether it is online or offline. Maybe this is your chance to find love. If it feels right, then go right ahead and put the offline chemistry to test.


Tips to leave you with the perfect online dating profile picture

Before choosing your profile picture on the online dating profile do you ever think what that picture tells about you? Your profile picture is the major determining factor of your success rate in the online dating world, many people choose the profile picture because they love the background or just that pose, but that is not enough to attract most people.
Before you choose the good profile picture its essential to know the importance of choosing right profile pic. Here are some of the reason to put more emphasis on your profile picture.

Show that its a real a/c

Many of the profiles on the online dating websites are fake a/c, they contain random photos and those accounts are used to trap victims.
Choosing the right profile picture will help you gain the trust of other singles.

Let others recognize you

There is always some user profile on online dating which we remember for a long time, this helps in establishing strong trust values.
Good people on the online dating platforms gets hundreds of messages on daily basis, to keep yourself stand out of crowd, that recognizable profile picture will surely help. random profile pictures are forgotten easily.

Its your brand

Your profile picture should speak about yourself and your personality, choose your profile wisely.

First impression matters

We saved the best for the last, an average user takes no more than 2 seconds to approve or reject your profile, your profile picture should be powerful enough to make a good impression in that 2 seconds.

Let’s discuss some tips to choose a perfect online dating profile picture.

  • A smile is a key ingredient of an attractive picture, it determines your mood and confidence level.
  • Don’t ignore the background, the background can prove to be distracting. Blur out the background to keep yourself in focus.
  • No selfie for the main profile picture, instead, ask someone to click the picture for you.
  • Ask for some professional help if you can take the breathtaking picture, professional help can help you get way more matches on online dating.  
  • Get sporty, people tend to get attracted towards singles who are adventurous and love to have fun in life.
  • While most of the singles are posting posed pictures, try candid pictures, they look way real and attractive then posed pictures.
  • Don’t post a picture while making random faces. They might look funny but they are not going to attract matches for you.

How to pick the ideal woman from an online profile

Spotting an ideal woman and choosing one from their online dating profile can be tricky. Not everyone gets it right. This is because you have to rely on what they have chosen to disclose on their profile. And this is what makes online dating scary for some. But going by the numerous success stories, it seems that finding the right woman online is possible. Online relationships develop into dates and marriages. So if you are looking for a long-term relationship, here are some of the things to look out for…

How to know you’ve spotted a potential great female catch on an online dating site

An initial attraction to the profile pic

This might sound a little superficial. But when they say beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, they weren’t wrong. Physical attraction is something we cannot ignore when love is involved. The ideal woman needs to be someone you find attractive. This is something that will create great chemistry and a good sexual relationship in the future.

A quirky profile that sparks your interest and shows a unique character

Read through the woman’s online profile and see whether there is something interesting there. Look out for things that you have in common, things that you can do together and bond over. Couples that last always have some things that they can share together and do together.

Someone who is highly active on the site

When was the woman active? 3 months ago… 3 days ago? The thing is a woman who is serious about finding a man will always be online. So if you are looking for long-term love, find one who is an active member.

An ideal woman is someone who shows that they are motivated to find someone and are serious about dating

People have choices. And one way that you will know someone is interested in more than just a hookup is to read their profile and see what they are looking for. Do they want to make friends, a casual thing, or are they looking for a long-term relationship? Actively check what the person has checked. That way you will know whether you are both on the same page.


Succeeding with your online dating first message

How can one nail an online dating first message?

Well, you have come across this lovely profile. The dude or chick is hot! Now what? Do you email her? Do you chat them? So what do you lead with? The first message can make or break you. Luckily you have time on your side. So for you to make it worth the while, how about giving some more thought before you hit someone up. Plus, there various examples of great online messages you can use. But, you need to be a little creative. Here’s how…

Tips on how to nail the first message in an online chat

Lead with something you have in common

Does she love pets? Does he love bowling? Well, when you notice somerhing you have in common with someone based on their pictures, use that to your advantage. Nothing makes people bond more than having something similar to talk about. You really dont have to be a pro at any of those things. But the fact that you have something to contibute to the conversation is all you need.

Avoid smutty, sleazy comments

No one loves a smart ass. So don’t be that person whose online dating first message are somewhat slippery. “Hello gorgeous?” Really? This is a line that has been used on people who aren’t georgeous at all. How about being specific. For instance, “Your bright smile is infectious”.

Ask a humorous question

happy woman onlineMake your message fun. Would you rather a burger or a hotdog. Plus don’t limit it to food. Get a little creative. You could even lead with: “Ask me anything”. Trust me, whoever is on the other side will definitely ask you something. I am sure getting an answer to the question will give you lots of stuff to talk about.

Be Sincere with your online dating first message

Let your first message be a sincere one. SIncerity comes off better. It will make you sound humble. Don’t compliment someone on something you clearly know you are lying about. Trust me, you might ve asked to expound on that and then you end up being left hanging.






Things To Watch Out For When Meeting Someone Online

With the boost in online dating sector dating, people are attempting frequent dates with new people quite casually. Meeting someone online can be exciting but its necessary to stay alert as well. There are some red flags that you need to be aware of in order to protect yourself from bad relationship and scammers.

Online predators are constantly looking for their next victim and you might be the next if you don’t stay careful about the red flags of their behavior.

Some behavioral patterns that you need to look for:

Profile creation

There are many things you can instantly predict about the person when you have a look at their profile. Their picture selection will tell you many things about their nature, if all the selected pictures are close-up shot then you can consider a person to be quite singular and if you find too many pictures with friends means you can expect to see a lot of friend and family involvements.

Person’s biography says a lot about a person’s personality, No bio means he/she is not serious for the relationship, you should ignore those people who have too much negativity and bragging in their Bio.

Pickup lines

Some nice compliments are good but too much pickup lines can be a red flag for you. How a person initiates a conversation with you tells you a lot about their behavior. A person using too many pickup lines means that a person doesn’t have much to talk about; a genuine guy or girl will always have a decent communication with a perfect about of nice complements.

Play a victim

Online predators commonly use that, there are too many people looking to spam you and a genuine person will never start playing a victim in the first few conversations. Spammers use that to gain sympathy and trick people.


I am not advocating that you should disclose every personal information but if a person seems to be too much mysterious then you should definitely abort the conversation.

They are demanding

You will find a lot of gold diggers on online dating platforms and its practice to ignore those people, you will definitely find a genuine person who will respect you, all you need to do is stay persistent.


How to write a dating profile that will instantly gain you attention

Wondering about how to write a profile that is irresistible to potential mates?

When it comes to online dating, most people don’t have much success because of their shabby profiles. You might be asking yourself what it is that you are doing wrong. You might be wondering why your inbox is empty even after contacting potential mates.

The answers are probably on in your profile.

People don’t realize how important a dating profile is when it comes to online dating. This is what other members have to work with. It is the only way they can learn more about you at a glance. So once you register, you need to brand yourself well using your profile.  You need to impress others through it.

How to write a profile that is impressive!

1. Profile picture

woman taking picture

The moment you have filled out the short registration form, the next big thing is to upload a profile picture. The main rule here is to take a new one. Don’t go digging into your old goofy college picture. Instead, dress well and have a friend take photos and choose the best one. Much as selfies are an easier way to go about it, sometimes, they don’t capture us looking natural. But whatever you do, don’t have a profile with no picture. Faceless profiles are always ignored by other members.

2. Write a brief but well-written, heartfelt bio

woman writing profile

Even with a great profile picture, people will still want to know what you are all about. So they will always look at your bio. Take a few minutes to write a bio that is honest and heartfelt. Highlight great things about you. Talk about yourself, your hobbies and what you do. Tell other members what you are looking for in an ideal mate.

3. Always be positive

Don’t outrightly talk about what you hate in a potential mate. For instance ” I hate drama. So don’t bother contacting me if you are full of drama.” Being this negative will make people wonder if the real problem lies with you.

If you are that bad about how to write a profile, you can have a professional write it out for you.


How to identify the ideal man for you in the online dating world

I believe I can speak for most women when I say that we all just want to find the ideal man. Now, this man has been slipping through the fingers of so many women. Sometimes it almost feels like its impossible to meet him. But if it were that hard then we wouldn’t be hearing the significant tales of successful relationships and marriages, right?

Being the 21st-century girl, online dating is your go-to place for finding love.

How to spot an ideal man online

1. The dating profile picture

woman on dating appNot to sound cheesy but a picture is very important when dating online. And one way to know if someone is ideal for you is if there is a physical attraction from the onset. Sometimes, pictures can say a lot about the person. Go for one that appears kind and doesn’t reek of arrogance. Since pictures speak a thousand words, chances are they will be what you think they are.

2. Their dating profile

What one writes on their profile says a lot about someone. Once you have identified a guy, read through their profile. Ignore profiles of men who sound douchey and boastful. SIngle out those that sound genuine and honest. Another thing, check out their hobbies and some deal breakers like drinking and smoking habits. If they are a deal breaker for you, then drop those and move to the next. Also, check out what they are looking for in a relationship. Some just want a quick hook up. Go for those men looking for long-term relationships.

3. The conversation

Don’t waste your time on a guy that doesn’t reply immediately. Rather, entertain the man who engages you, is consistent with his replies and contacts and are great listeners as opposed to someone who just speaks about himself all the time. Ignore the kind of man whose initial comments are sexual in nature. They are only after “that thing”. Talk to men who want to know you as a person. The ideal man will respect you always.

Hope the above tips will help you single out that dream man you have been searching for. Good luck!


Online dating tips 2018

Technology has been part of our daily lives. Dating online make it ways as part of it. We can now look for someone we admire online or our partner that we can stay forever. Many of us want to know how can know if we are really meant to be. How do we really handle dating online and how to deal with it?

Here are the online dating tips this 2018:

1. Get the basics down.

It may seem obvious, but it’s worth reiterating that daters who include photos and a personal bio are more likely to attract matches. As Tinder’s in-house sociologist Dr. Jess Carbino told us back in February, the more information a user can share, the better.

“If you don’t provide people with a lot of information, it makes it very difficult for them to start a conversation,” Carbino said. “So I’m always encouraging people to use photographs as an opportunity for people to tell their story, as well as their biographical data to tell a story.”

2. Don’t discount the dreaded “double text.”

Though some of us would rather give up on a match than follow up on an unanswered first message, brave daters might want to rethink that stance. Per data insights from Hinge published in May, a second text doesn’t typically end in disaster. In fact, the numbers crunchers at Hinge found that users who waited about 3 hours and 52 minutes to send a second text got responses more often than not.

So, if a first message goes unanswered, don’t give up so fast. Give it another shot in a few hours. As for a third text? We’d say leave it at two.

3. Protect your personal information.

It’s important that you never give out any personal information publicly and that you’re careful not to give out too much information too soon to someone you’ve recently met through an online dating app or website. Information that you should be careful to protect includes your full name, your place of work, your address, your phone number, whether you have children, email address, credit card details or other financial information.

Think carefully before adding a potential date or someone you’ve just met on social media. Often people’s social media pages contain a lot of personal information so it’s best that these are kept private and just for people you know and trust.

 4. You Have to Go Through It to Get Over It

You, my perfect peach, are not exempt from the agony, effort, and disappointment we all have to go through to find “The One.” You’re going to have bad dates. You’re going to get emails and winks from some creeps. Do not focus on the bad dates or bad apples. Instead, focus on the potential matches who may just end up being your life partner.

 5. Share a Mutual Interest with Any Potential Partner

Mutual interests keep you connected as a couple and allow you to explore life as a tag team. It’s like being married to your best friend, with the bonus of sex! If you spend months or years trying to convert your potential mate to have the same hobbies as you, that is the precious time that could be spent with someone who instinctively shares your interests.


How to stand out in the online crowd

In a crowd where the population is in thousands, how do you suppose to stand out and be noticed?  As more and more people meet online, dating applications flourished. Then, members grew tremendously. Online daters have to be more creative in managing their profiles to be noticed. Some research on online dating professes that it would only take a few seconds for daters to scan online profiles. If something catches their eyes,  then that’s the time that they will focus. Thus, it is very that you will capture attention in these precious seconds.

Have a stellar profile

You know you are unique and you should show it.

Every individual has his or her own quirkiness. Your uniqueness will make you memorable and different from the crowd. You know that you are different but are you showing it? Are you scared of showcasing your unique qualities and just rely on what’s common among the profiles? You should not be – your aim is to be as memorable as possible. This should be the highlight of your profile – to showcase your unique qualities to make the potential partner take a second look at your profile, otherwise, you will just be one of those forgettable ones.

Show how relatable you are to others

Connectedness also requires that you can connect to a person by way of your commonalities. People are drawn to other persons who share something that they can connect with. It could be a shared perspective, a hobby, interests or paces that you like. If these are highlighted, you might find someone who values these things that you love and will establish a connection with you. Thus, in your profile, you have to be specific on presenting yourself and avoid general descriptions

 Choose a picture that reveals your personality


Rather than just featuring a photo with only your face on it, why not try to have a picture of you doing things that you love? In this manner, those who share the same passion as yours can immediately relate to you. You can have pictures of yourself diving, riding horses or traveling. Pictures with you in a group or with pets are not that very relatable as a picture just showing you alone. Most online daters would also like a whole body picture to look at your body frame aside from your facial profile.

Honesty is a good virtue

This is true not just in real life but online. You should not try to hide your flaws under exaggerated descriptions in your profile. People should love you for who you are. If they cannot accept your flaws, just move on and try to find other daters. It will save you from lots of heartaches if you have been honest from the start. Want a second date after the first initial meeting? Be honest in your online profile. But do not be overenthusiastic and reveal everything. There is beauty in being a bit mysterious. Just reveal the necessary qualities that you have to obtain that first meet – up where you can reveal other qualities that you have.


How to make people want you more online.

Now that you are reading this, I am sure you have read somewhere how tricky online dating can be. But is it really? Are those who are complaining doing it all wrong?

Well, if you searched and found this article, then maybe you feel there is more that needs to be done to increase your chances of online success.

I am going to ask you a few questions to see if you are doing it right.

Do you have a profile photo?

When they say a photo speaks a thousand words, there this is the phrase it speaks when someone is busy going through profiles: “I AM NOT ASHAMED OF PEOPLE FINDING OUT THAT I AM DATING ONLINE”.

A picture is what you lead with. And, not just one. Take as many as your membership can allow. Let them be of you engaging in different activities. For instance, you cooking, golfing, taking a run, waking up in the morning, having a great time with your buddies… you know, mix things up!

Having just ‘the one’ pic screws up your chances. People want to know more about you. Give them that ‘more’…

Smile. This I am going to leave it at that.

Another thing you need to do is to make your profile ‘ABOUT ME’ section be as brief as possible. But while at it, make sure all the important stuff has been captured. Unless bored, people just want everything at a glance.

What you post goes a long way to make your profile attractive to other members on the dating site, Do it right!

Apparently, it also pays to play a little ‘hard to get’. Give it a little less than an hour before you reply to a message. However, don’t play too ‘hard to get’. Someone might mistake it for ‘disinterest”.

Now, the funny thing is: if you mention you indulge in fried chicken, it makes you look easy like you are down for whatever. Men and women alike are attracted to people who aren’t ‘up-tight’. Use that to your advantage.

Now that you are well schooled, you should be able to spike someone’s interest.