Is there are certain criteria that has to be met in order to know when to meet after chatting online? The reality of the matter is that every couple is different and there are no two cases that are the same. Because when you meet someone online, we meet different people with different personalities. You might meet someone online and on the same day, you are madly in love and want to take things to the next level. On the other hand, someone else might meet someone and have reservations about meeting.

So when to meet after chatting online is entirely up to the two people chatting. However, here are some of the things to consider:

When to finally make the in-person meeting

1. When you feel you know them well enough

There are people we meet and we just click. These are the kind that the moment they start talking to you, you feel like you have known them for ages. You feel like if they were to propose in a week, you would say I do. If you meet someone who seems honest and their story keeps
checking out every time you chat, then don’t waste time. If the chemistry is right online, then it’s about that time…

2. When you feel safe in their online company

Should you leave the question about when to meet after chatting online to how safe you feel when chatting someone? I think yes. Has this person given any vibes to indicate that you will be unsafe with them? Have they asked for your personal details too soon? Have they come up
with some story then asked money from you? If no, then give them a chance. Just follow offline safety tips.

3. When you are confident that you have enough details about then

This can a bit tricky because everyone is trying to protect themselves when dating online. And one safety rule is: ‘Don’t reveal too much too soon!’. However, there are times when someone tells you they work somewhere. And when you call and ask to speak to them, they are there.
Just follow your gut.

4. When your heart feels it’s the right time, that’s when to meet after chatting online.

One thing I usually like to advise people is to go with their gut. If it doesn’t feel right, then it doesn’t. If it does, then why not. We can’t run away from chemistry, whether it is online or offline. Maybe this is your chance to find love. If it feels right, then go right ahead and put the offline chemistry to test.

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