Before choosing your profile picture on the online dating profile do you ever think what that picture tells about you? Your profile picture is the major determining factor of your success rate in the online dating world, many people choose the profile picture because they love the background or just that pose, but that is not enough to attract most people.
Before you choose the good profile picture its essential to know the importance of choosing right profile pic. Here are some of the reason to put more emphasis on your profile picture.

Show that its a real a/c

Many of the profiles on the online dating websites are fake a/c, they contain random photos and those accounts are used to trap victims.
Choosing the right profile picture will help you gain the trust of other singles.

Let others recognize you

There is always some user profile on online dating which we remember for a long time, this helps in establishing strong trust values.
Good people on the online dating platforms gets hundreds of messages on daily basis, to keep yourself stand out of crowd, that recognizable profile picture will surely help. random profile pictures are forgotten easily.

Its your brand

Your profile picture should speak about yourself and your personality, choose your profile wisely.

First impression matters

We saved the best for the last, an average user takes no more than 2 seconds to approve or reject your profile, your profile picture should be powerful enough to make a good impression in that 2 seconds.

Let’s discuss some tips to choose a perfect online dating profile picture.

  • A smile is a key ingredient of an attractive picture, it determines your mood and confidence level.
  • Don’t ignore the background, the background can prove to be distracting. Blur out the background to keep yourself in focus.
  • No selfie for the main profile picture, instead, ask someone to click the picture for you.
  • Ask for some professional help if you can take the breathtaking picture, professional help can help you get way more matches on online dating.  
  • Get sporty, people tend to get attracted towards singles who are adventurous and love to have fun in life.
  • While most of the singles are posting posed pictures, try candid pictures, they look way real and attractive then posed pictures.
  • Don’t post a picture while making random faces. They might look funny but they are not going to attract matches for you.

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