How can one nail an online dating first message?

Well, you have come across this lovely profile. The dude or chick is hot! Now what? Do you email her? Do you chat them? So what do you lead with? The first message can make or break you. Luckily you have time on your side. So for you to make it worth the while, how about giving some more thought before you hit someone up. Plus, there various examples of great online messages you can use. But, you need to be a little creative. Here’s how…

Tips on how to nail the first message in an online chat

Lead with something you have in common

Does she love pets? Does he love bowling? Well, when you notice somerhing you have in common with someone based on their pictures, use that to your advantage. Nothing makes people bond more than having something similar to talk about. You really dont have to be a pro at any of those things. But the fact that you have something to contibute to the conversation is all you need.

Avoid smutty, sleazy comments

No one loves a smart ass. So don’t be that person whose online dating first message are somewhat slippery. “Hello gorgeous?” Really? This is a line that has been used on people who aren’t georgeous at all. How about being specific. For instance, “Your bright smile is infectious”.

Ask a humorous question

happy woman onlineMake your message fun. Would you rather a burger or a hotdog. Plus don’t limit it to food. Get a little creative. You could even lead with: “Ask me anything”. Trust me, whoever is on the other side will definitely ask you something. I am sure getting an answer to the question will give you lots of stuff to talk about.

Be Sincere with your online dating first message

Let your first message be a sincere one. SIncerity comes off better. It will make you sound humble. Don’t compliment someone on something you clearly know you are lying about. Trust me, you might ve asked to expound on that and then you end up being left hanging.





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