With the boost in online dating sector dating, people are attempting frequent dates with new people quite casually. Meeting someone online can be exciting but its necessary to stay alert as well. There are some red flags that you need to be aware of in order to protect yourself from bad relationship and scammers.

Online predators are constantly looking for their next victim and you might be the next if you don’t stay careful about the red flags of their behavior.

Some behavioral patterns that you need to look for:

Profile creation

There are many things you can instantly predict about the person when you have a look at their profile. Their picture selection will tell you many things about their nature, if all the selected pictures are close-up shot then you can consider a person to be quite singular and if you find too many pictures with friends means you can expect to see a lot of friend and family involvements.

Person’s biography says a lot about a person’s personality, No bio means he/she is not serious for the relationship, you should ignore those people who have too much negativity and bragging in their Bio.

Pickup lines

Some nice compliments are good but too much pickup lines can be a red flag for you. How a person initiates a conversation with you tells you a lot about their behavior. A person using too many pickup lines means that a person doesn’t have much to talk about; a genuine guy or girl will always have a decent communication with a perfect about of nice complements.

Play a victim

Online predators commonly use that, there are too many people looking to spam you and a genuine person will never start playing a victim in the first few conversations. Spammers use that to gain sympathy and trick people.


I am not advocating that you should disclose every personal information but if a person seems to be too much mysterious then you should definitely abort the conversation.

They are demanding

You will find a lot of gold diggers on online dating platforms and its practice to ignore those people, you will definitely find a genuine person who will respect you, all you need to do is stay persistent.

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