Wondering about how to write a profile that is irresistible to potential mates?

When it comes to online dating, most people don’t have much success because of their shabby profiles. You might be asking yourself what it is that you are doing wrong. You might be wondering why your inbox is empty even after contacting potential mates.

The answers are probably on in your profile.

People don’t realize how important a dating profile is when it comes to online dating. This is what other members have to work with. It is the only way they can learn more about you at a glance. So once you register, you need to brand yourself well using your profile.  You need to impress others through it.

How to write a profile that is impressive!

1. Profile picture

woman taking picture

The moment you have filled out the short registration form, the next big thing is to upload a profile picture. The main rule here is to take a new one. Don’t go digging into your old goofy college picture. Instead, dress well and have a friend take photos and choose the best one. Much as selfies are an easier way to go about it, sometimes, they don’t capture us looking natural. But whatever you do, don’t have a profile with no picture. Faceless profiles are always ignored by other members.

2. Write a brief but well-written, heartfelt bio

woman writing profile

Even with a great profile picture, people will still want to know what you are all about. So they will always look at your bio. Take a few minutes to write a bio that is honest and heartfelt. Highlight great things about you. Talk about yourself, your hobbies and what you do. Tell other members what you are looking for in an ideal mate.

3. Always be positive

Don’t outrightly talk about what you hate in a potential mate. For instance ” I hate drama. So don’t bother contacting me if you are full of drama.” Being this negative will make people wonder if the real problem lies with you.

If you are that bad about how to write a profile, you can have a professional write it out for you.

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