I believe I can speak for most women when I say that we all just want to find the ideal man. Now, this man has been slipping through the fingers of so many women. Sometimes it almost feels like its impossible to meet him. But if it were that hard then we wouldn’t be hearing the significant tales of successful relationships and marriages, right?

Being the 21st-century girl, online dating is your go-to place for finding love.

How to spot an ideal man online

1. The dating profile picture

woman on dating appNot to sound cheesy but a picture is very important when dating online. And one way to know if someone is ideal for you is if there is a physical attraction from the onset. Sometimes, pictures can say a lot about the person. Go for one that appears kind and doesn’t reek of arrogance. Since pictures speak a thousand words, chances are they will be what you think they are.

2. Their dating profile

What one writes on their profile says a lot about someone. Once you have identified a guy, read through their profile. Ignore profiles of men who sound douchey and boastful. SIngle out those that sound genuine and honest. Another thing, check out their hobbies and some deal breakers like drinking and smoking habits. If they are a deal breaker for you, then drop those and move to the next. Also, check out what they are looking for in a relationship. Some just want a quick hook up. Go for those men looking for long-term relationships.

3. The conversation

Don’t waste your time on a guy that doesn’t reply immediately. Rather, entertain the man who engages you, is consistent with his replies and contacts and are great listeners as opposed to someone who just speaks about himself all the time. Ignore the kind of man whose initial comments are sexual in nature. They are only after “that thing”. Talk to men who want to know you as a person. The ideal man will respect you always.

Hope the above tips will help you single out that dream man you have been searching for. Good luck!

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