In a crowd where the population is in thousands, how do you suppose to stand out and be noticed?  As more and more people meet online, dating applications flourished. Then, members grew tremendously. Online daters have to be more creative in managing their profiles to be noticed. Some research on online dating professes that it would only take a few seconds for daters to scan online profiles. If something catches their eyes,  then that’s the time that they will focus. Thus, it is very that you will capture attention in these precious seconds.

Have a stellar profile

You know you are unique and you should show it.

Every individual has his or her own quirkiness. Your uniqueness will make you memorable and different from the crowd. You know that you are different but are you showing it? Are you scared of showcasing your unique qualities and just rely on what’s common among the profiles? You should not be – your aim is to be as memorable as possible. This should be the highlight of your profile – to showcase your unique qualities to make the potential partner take a second look at your profile, otherwise, you will just be one of those forgettable ones.

Show how relatable you are to others

Connectedness also requires that you can connect to a person by way of your commonalities. People are drawn to other persons who share something that they can connect with. It could be a shared perspective, a hobby, interests or paces that you like. If these are highlighted, you might find someone who values these things that you love and will establish a connection with you. Thus, in your profile, you have to be specific on presenting yourself and avoid general descriptions

 Choose a picture that reveals your personality


Rather than just featuring a photo with only your face on it, why not try to have a picture of you doing things that you love? In this manner, those who share the same passion as yours can immediately relate to you. You can have pictures of yourself diving, riding horses or traveling. Pictures with you in a group or with pets are not that very relatable as a picture just showing you alone. Most online daters would also like a whole body picture to look at your body frame aside from your facial profile.

Honesty is a good virtue

This is true not just in real life but online. You should not try to hide your flaws under exaggerated descriptions in your profile. People should love you for who you are. If they cannot accept your flaws, just move on and try to find other daters. It will save you from lots of heartaches if you have been honest from the start. Want a second date after the first initial meeting? Be honest in your online profile. But do not be overenthusiastic and reveal everything. There is beauty in being a bit mysterious. Just reveal the necessary qualities that you have to obtain that first meet – up where you can reveal other qualities that you have.

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