If you’re a single girl or guy, you may have considered diving into the world of online dating, and been quickly overwhelmed by the sheer number of dating website choices available.  How do you decide?  Which one’s right for you?

The answers, of course, depends on your tastes, preferences, and what you’re hoping to get out of such a website.  While the list below is by no means an exhaustive one, it will give you at least some ideas to help guide your thinking.  The first thing to know though, is that not all sites and apps are created equally?

The first question to ask is whether or not you have a particular aspect of your personality that defines you.  For instance, if you’re a country girl (or guy) at heart, then a website like “Farmers Only” will be right up your alley, and you’ll find yourself looking for potential mates that share your primary passion, interest, or leaning.

If you’re a devout Christian and want to maximize the chances that your future mate is also, then Christian Mingle would be a natural fit.

On the other hand, maybe you’re just looking to see who and what is out there, and you want the site with the most members.  There are sites that are not suited for a particular niche market, which will give you the most visibility and maximize your choice.

If you’re serious about finding a life partner, who is willing to date outside their race, then you’ll probably want to gravitate to, which offers the most comprehensive profile and partner matching system available anywhere in the online world. And the beauty is that these singles have one agenda. and its finding love despite race.

Then there are those sites that cater to specific races. For instance if you want to find a large number of African men and women in one dating site, then is the site for you. There is also if you are looking to date Asians and if Hispanic is what attracts you.

But what if you’re just looking for a casual hookup or a playful no-strings romp?  Well, there are apps and websites for that too.  Tinder is one of the most popular app-driven free services, and it’s often used for casual encounters.

Interestingly though, an increasing number of people are relying on hook-up apps to find serious, long-term relationships.  In fact, in a recent survey of female profiles on such apps, fully sixty percent of them mentioned specifically that the user was not interested in a hookup.  All that to say, it’s a mobile app you can use both for casual encounters and to help you find a more meaningful relationship.

In terms of web-based casual relationship facilitators, the undisputed King is Adult Friend Finder.

You can use it to search for people with the same interests and kinks as you, filter for only profiles with photos, upload your own photos (or videos) and even maintain a blog inside the AFF network.

Then, of course, there is a multitude of free dating sites.  These tend to have less traffic, and as such, present fewer options, but even a small amount of Google searching will reveal dozens of them, and don’t forget to look for niche dating sites!

Are you a writer?  A musician?  An Emo?  Goth?  You’ll find dating websites that cater to all of these, and much, much more!  Most are free to sign up and create a profile, and many offer advanced features you can activate for a small fee.  What are you waiting for?  Dive in and have fun!

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